Friday, August 19, 2011

Fried veggies

It's not every day you can have fresh corn, okra, and tomatoes. I love fresh fried corn, fried okra, red, ripe, tomatoes...and, of course, fried peach pies. YUMMY
Us southern folks have to have our fried foods. I also love fried squash, fried green tomatoes, and fried potatoes.
I'll eat healthy some day...but for now, give me my fried veggies.

Mama's Chocolate Pie

Chocolate pie happens to be my all-time favorite dessert. It's also my son's. I make it often and it's gone in a snap. I dedicate this post to my mother who made it for us when we were growing up. She didn't have a recipe...she had made it so many times she just started putting it all together and came up with the best chocolate pie known to man. After I married, I was learning to cook and asked her for the recipe. She just laughed and told me she had never measured anything. So, we set out to create an official chocolate pie recipe. She started out as usual and when she thought she had enough of any one ingredient, I would measure it and write it down. We finally came up with Mama's Chocolate Pie. I've had that little index card for 40 years now. A few years ago my son emailed me one day and asked for the recipe. I shared it with him thinking I might have a surprise waiting for me soon.  NOT!!!!
So, I'm still making chocolate pies for my family and friends...thanks to my mother and her special recipe. I hope she's making chocolate pies in heaven.
 Thanks mama